Idris Kane

Human Cleric


Idris is a tall human with a muscular build, and light brown skin (think polynesian). He has long dark hair that is usually either in a pony tail or braided. His armor is simple, though he bears a shield with the symbol of Gozreh emblazoned on it. He carries a trident as his main weapon, though he has a crossbow slung across his back.


At a young age Idris went to work as a sailor on a merchant ship. While on a trade voyage his ship sank and he was the lone survivor. Adrift on a large chunk of wood for weeks, he managed to survive by drinking rain water and eating fish he caught with a makeshift net. Still though, he grew weaker by the day.

During this time he survived hot days, freezing nights, and being harried by sharks. After nearly a month at sea and nearly dead, he was giving up hope. One night, with sharks swimming all around, a terrible storm approached. Though not a religious man and not sure what he believed, in desperation Idris prayed to Gozreh, God of The Storm. “If you will save me, I will serve you forever.” The storm’s fury grew, and the waves cast him about on the ocean. A lightning bolt struck him and all went black. He heard a voice.

“You will keep your promise.”

Idris awoke, washed up on the shore of an island, weak but uninjured. Wandering inland Idris soon found a village with people who took care of him. Once he gained his strength he moved on, but instead of trying to find his way home, he found his way to a temple of Gozreh, where Idris pledged his life to serving him.

Connection to the professor:
Some time before the shipwreck that led him to his destiny, Idris met the professor when he came on board his ship looking for transportation to a faraway land for research purposes. Since the professor’s destination was not far from their planned route, and his payment was generous, the captain agreed to allow him on board. As part of the agreement, Idris was assigned to see to the professor’s needs and generally keep him out of trouble. One night during the voyage, the professor was taking advantage of the clear skies and low ambient light to make detailed maps of the stars. He was so engrossed in this task though that he somehow managed to fall overboard while moving about the ship. Idris, ever watchful of the professor, dove in to the water and pulled him to safety before he could drift too far from the ship. The professor, friendly towards Idris before, was even more so after.

Idris Kane

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