Mindartis "Min" Galonadel

Wood Elf Ranger


Min is a kid. At 16 years old he is perhaps slightly smaller than elves of similar age (“But I’m really really strong. Try to knock me down. I dare you!”). He wears simple leather armor, long brown hair (haircuts take time, and require sitting), and the green tinged copper hued skin of the wood elves. He carries a longbow (it looks ridiculously big for him but he does quite well with it) and a pair of curved short swords.


Min likes adventure. In fact, he likes it so much that one day out of the blue he picked up a pack, threw a few things in it, and told his parents he was “taking a walk”. He hasn’t returned from that walk yet, and that was about a year ago.

Min is foolishly optimistic and in any situation will almost always choose the most dangerous option and assume things will work out (usually after a good bit of fun). He’s irrepressible and more than a bit naive.

Connection to the professor:
Min met the professor at a tavern one evening when he (Min) walked in, looked for the most interesting person in the place, and immediately started asking him questions. For two hours the questions never stopped. (Not even long enough to eat – Min just asked the questions with his mouth full.) At the end of the evening, Min knew all kinds of things on all kinds of subjects, and the professor was extremely amused by the young elf’s inquisitiveness and enthusiasm.

Mindartis "Min" Galonadel

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